Get the help you need, to make better decisions and solve tough challenges.


nonprofit coaching

A virtual support system for nonprofit CEOs / Executive Directors.

One-on-one coaching with flexible options.

nonprofit coaching

Coming in 2021

Lead with More Influence

Get the help and insight you need to make better decisions.

Learn how to revise your strategy for a changing landscape.

Learn how to manage your board better and get results.

Is Calibrate right for you?

Calibrate is ideal for CEO’s/Executive Directors

of mid-sized nonprofits

If your agency has multiple staff members, a team of volunteers, and a board of at least 5 members, Calibrate can help you make a bigger impact.

Sound like your agency?

Lead better…

The world has changed, especially for nonprofits

Funding sources have pivoted, donors are shifting interest, client needs have changed drastically. Your space, your staff, your volunteers. In the coming year it all looks different. As a leader you’re facing challenges like you’ve never seen before. But you don’t have to go it alone… 

Calibrate Light

A personalized program, delivered via phone and email. Calibrate Light provides nonprofit leaders with the support and insight you need to solve critical challenges.

Calibrate Plus

A personalized program that goes above and beyond. Calibrate Plus is provided via phone, email, video conference and text. This executive coaching plan provides nonprofit leaders with a higher level of support.

Calibrate Target

For specific challenges, Calibrate Target offers a personalized project-based plan-of-attack for dealing with unique problems. Support and insight is provided for leaders and their teams via phone, email, text and video conference.

Only for Nonprofit CEOs / EDs

Developed from 15+ years of nonprofit experience

Calibrate was created specifically for nonprofit leaders, and offers unique tailored mentoring and support programs.

Brought to you by top-rated author and coach Tom Okarma, you’ll get the help and insight you need, in a convenient virtual format.

nonprofit coaching

Coming in 2021


Is there a minimum monthly commitment required?

Calibrate Light coaching requires a minimum 6 week commitment. Due to the nature of the program specific challenges solved, Calibrate Plus requires a minimum 12 week commitment.

How much does it cost?

Calibrate Light coaching starts at only $979, with flexible payment options, depending on the needs of each leader. Calibrate Plus starts at $2,400, depending on agency size, and also offers flexible payment options when needed.

Can I change tiers (up or down) mid-stream?

Calibrate offers flexibility for leaders. If you join Calibrate Light and find you need more support, you can easily transfer / upgrade to Calibrate Plus.

Can someone other than CEO/ED enroll?

Calibrate has been specifically designed for nonprofit Executive Directors or CEO’s. However there may be times with a specific agency, that a board chair or other top member of leadership may be included.

Can I pay in advance and get a discount?

Yes! Both Light and Plus offer pre-paid packages to save you up to 20% over the month-to-month membership.

What is the difference between the three programs?

Calibrate Light and Calibrate Plus are one-to-one coaching programs, designed to help nonprofit leaders make better decisions and solve a variety of tough problems. Calibrate Target is a strategic project-based offering that can help with strategic planning, board training, and general leadership challenges. 

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