Nonprofit Resources

We know running an agency can be overwhelming and we want to help! Access a variety of online workbooks, quizzes and other tools to help you strengthen your leadership.

Leadership Style Quiz

Discover your leadership style and how to use it to make a bigger impact.

Will Your Nonprofit Survive?

Is your agency on the right track?

Found out if you’re doing well, or close to the danger zone.

Board Profile Worksheet

Find out if your board has the right type of skill sets and talents. Learn if your leadership team has the right blend of experience, where the opportunities are, and where you should focus your recruiting efforts.

Board Building

This 8 Step Process walks you through the essentials of building a strong, effective board. Learn to identify the right skills, align your board with your strategic plan, find the right candidates and evaluate performance. 

Board Policy Manual

Discover the 6 essential components of an effective board policy manual. Tom breaks it down so you can understand how each section works, relates to one another and what elements they should contain.

Annual Affirmation Statement

Are your board members fully committed to your vision, mission, and strategy? Are they aware of their responsibilities? The Annual Affirmation Statement can be a great way to re-engage your board.

Expectation Statement

Many board members aren’t clear on the unique role they play in an organization. The Board Member Expectation Statement can help you create clear expectations for each director on the board.

5 Powerful Questions Workbook

As leaders, it is important to keep ourselves in check. Sometimes we need to take time to self-reflect and ask ourselves the important questions. Use this resource to guide your moments of introspectiveness.

 5 Steps for Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning for Nonprofits is the best way to keep your agency running smoothly. Prepare for any future obstacles by using this resource for tips on crafting the optimum strategic plan for your organization.

Strategic Plan Template

Dig in a little deeper. Follow this step-by-step guide for crafting an effective strategic plan. Download a helpful template complete with simple definitions so everyone on your team is on the same page.

Increase Your Productivity

​Feeling overwhelmed? Download the this exclusive resource and discover the 4 critical areas for nonprofit leaders. Learn how to recognize challenges in your organization and how to spike your productivity — fast!

Nonprofit Trends Report

Check out our  latest Nonprofit Trends Report and discover key data on emerging trends you can reference when making major decisions.

Should You Start a Nonprofit?

You’ve considered it and weighed your options – now comes the real tough questions. Download this resource to find out if you have what it takes to be a nonprofit leader. And if the answer is yes? Find out how to get started.

Credible Board Governance

Do you struggle to create authentic leadership in your ministry? Learn how to communicate more effectively and create accountability for your board. Use this resource to  get more done for your organization.