Tom has been a successful leader in both the nonprofit and business worlds and has led or served on a variety of boards. He’s been there, done that, and learned critical lessons about successful board development and governance.

Regardless of your organization’s size, if its a leadership or board challenge you currently face, Tom probably has already faced it too. His leadership style and methods stem from his core values and beliefs.

Tom Okarma is a tested and proven strategic thinker who helps leaders and 
nonprofit organizations succeed. He is a knowledgeable and reliable catalyst
 for nonprofits. Tom can help:

  • Healthy organizations release their passions and 
increase their impact.
  • Underperforming organizations achieve excellence 
in execution.
  • Malperforming organizations turn around and thrive.

Tom targets effectiveness in execution, organizational excellence, strategic planning, change management, client intimacy, and talent management. Tom provides senior staff members, stakeholders and boards with an understanding and discerning ear, and facilitates relational environments that generate solutions.


Tom Okarma is a product of the south side of Chicago and currently resides in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He has over 30 years of varied and progressive experience in the insurance industry, rising from claims representative to small business owner to Chief Executive Officer. Most of Tom’s professional career has been spent in the Chicago-land, including over ten years as agent and part owner of an insurance agency that was a national leader in its professional liability niche. For five years he served as President and CEO of a leading specialty insurance company where he led a 300-person staff in providing professional liability coverage for architects, engineers, and other professionals.

Tom wanted to leverage his extensive background to fulfill his true calling–working with nonprofit leaders and directors with one over-riding goal–equipping those organizations to have the greatest impact on the people they serve.

In the spirit of giving back to the community, Tom has been involved in many nonprofits and para-church organizations in both volunteer and board positions. Some of these include: Fox Valley Carpenters Place, Bright Hope, Inc. and the People’s Resource Center, The Barnabas Group, Christian Leadership Alliance and IMPACT Phoenix, where he serves as Board President. He has served in a number of volunteer advisory roles at Ginger Creek Community Church, Willow Creek Community Church, and Giving Du Page.



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