Get the help you need to take your agency to the next level.

Leading for Impact

Leadership Coaching

Are you overwhelmed and feeling stuck? Unsure how to bring about positive change, or move your agency forward?


Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Does your agency feel stuck? Like it’s not really going anywhere? Everyone seems to working hard, but you’re not making real progress?

Fresh Insights

Engaging Presentations

Presentations that help your team learn the best practices in board building, board leadership, strategic planning, and how to successfully lead your nonprofit for maximum impact.


How to get a Board Unstuck

Are you struggling to get your board to make progress? Does it feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, talking about the same problems again and again, but nothing seems to be happening?

Strong Foundations

Board & Director Orientation & Training

Do you have new board members that are struggling to get up to speed? Unsure of their roles, responsibilities, or your expectations?

Built for Impact

How to Build an Effective Board

How can you make your nonprofit board better? What are “the other guys” doing? What can you learn from other nonprofits to build an effective and engaged board?