How to Get a Board Unstuck

Are you struggling to get your board to make progress? Does it feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, talking about the same problems again and again, but nothing seems to be happening? With the Launch program you can learn how to get your board unstuck and moving forward in the right direction.


Go from where you are, to where you want to be.


In this multi-part program, you will gain insight into what’s holding your board (and organization) back from reaching the next level. 

Is Your Board Stagnating? Time to reboot. Launch will help you redefine existing goals, establish clear priorities and modify processes so your board can progress forward. Boards that don’t function well –  don’t make impact. 

An underperforming (or stagnant) board can often be the root cause of problems for an agency. Diagnose the cause of these issues and create a plan for moving forward and tracking future results. If you have a malfunctioning board – you need to address the problem, fast. All too often, the board is simply unaware of their duties and expectations. 

Sometimes, boards fall off track. Strong leaders recognize when it happens, and work to disrupt the resulting loop of dysfunction. By taking a closer look at the board’s current operating environment, we can identify the key issues your team needs to address. Through one-on-one training, I can help board chairs strengthen their leadership and realign the team.


• Gain clarity on your vision for strategy and direction.

• Identify what is holding you back.

• Create a clear plan to get from today to the future you want.

• Connect one-on-one with someone who’s been there and knows how to help.

• See how an Accountability partner can help you get things done.

• Improve strategic-thinking and problem-solving skills.

• Learn how to work on your agency, not just in it.

• Learn how to coach and develop your team to better results.

• Get a safe place to make tough decisions you need to move your agency forward.


• Identify the key issues that are holding your board back.

• Discover if your biggest challenge may be a lack of a Strategic Plan.

• Find out if your organization may have too many priorities.

• Fix slow-moving board meetings that drift without progress.

• Identify lack of accountability and follow through and how to fix it.

• Create clear goals that help focus your board members.

• Put an end to mission creep and focus on key objectives.

• Identify the need for clear roles and responsibilities.

• Create a better board recruiting strategy.

• Measure the effectiveness of your organization.

• Identify leadership issues and create a plan for improvement.



• Honest and transparent discussions to help clear up confusion.

• Inventory of the board’s current skills, resources, and connections.

• SWOT analysis to help identify opportunities and challenges.

• Alignment of resources, budgets, goals, operations to accomplish your mission

• Review of board recruiting process and suggestions for improvement.

• Coaching on how to confront difficult or challenging directors

• Updated board recruiting strategy to move forward.

• Benchmark Report to assess your current board.


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