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With over 35 years of leadership experience, Tom Okarma helps organizations discover new perspectives, solve complex challenges, and enhance knowledge on nonprofit management. His presentations help your team learn the best practices in board building, board leadership, strategic planning, and how to successfully lead your nonprofit for maximum impact.


Discover new perspectives, solve difficult challenges.

Board Meetings That Don’t Bore

Learn how to run board and committee meetings that get things done.

Your Key to Sanity:

Build an Effective Board Board Policy Manual

Learn how to create to Board Policy Manual that saves you time & headaches.

Board Recruiting:

Who’s on First?

A presentation about how to identify, recruit, & get “high value” board candidates to join your board.

The New Board is Here, Now What?

Learn how to build an effective board training program that specifies duties & responsibilities.

Is Your Nonprofit Agency Future-proof?

Build a sustainable agency that will thrive regardless of what the future holds.

Lessons Learned by Serving on a Nonprofit Board

Find out what I wish I had known much earlier in my career about nonprofit board service.

Nonprofit Strategic Planning Success:

How to Run a Productive Retreat

Ensure a successful retreat by implementing these tips.

Yes, Every Board Member can Fundraise!

Learn how to get your directors involved in fundraising for your nonprofit.


• Healthy organizations release their passions & increase their impact.

• Underperforming organizations achieve excellence in execution.

• Malperforming organizations turn around & thrive.


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