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If you’re like most of my readers, you’re on a mission to bring about change in the world. You are driven by a need to make a difference. Your community, those you serve… your purpose… mean much more to you than climbing the next rung on the ladder. You face a variety of challenges on a daily basis. You struggle to meet the demands of clients, donors, and your board. You put in long hours and make numerous sacrifices… many of them going unnoticed.

But for you, if life is better today than it was yesterday — for even 1 person — then it’s all worth it. You have made a difference. And tomorrow, you’ll get up and do it all again, with a smile on your face, and a belief in what matters to you.  You are a nonprofit leader.

You could be an Executive Director, a board member, development director, volunteer coordinator, or filling any other role of leadership in your organization. The key factor? Someone in your nonprofit looks to you for direction. Sure, you’ve got it all together on the outside, but it’s hard to make it look easy. You’re stressed and pulled in 10 directions.

You’re constantly searching for more people to help your organization — but they need to be the right people. You want to connect with other leaders like you and share experiences and learn. You need your board to do more, you need better volunteers, you need to increase awareness in your organization. And you need to do it all on as small as budget as possible.

But most importantly, you must continue to make a difference in the lives of those you serve. You need to lead for more impact.

I get it.. 

I was the CEO of a large insurance firm for several years, and held several leadership positions prior to reaching that level. I traveled extensively. I made critical decisions — many of them — on a daily basis. I led hundreds of people. I was at the top of my game and very successful. But it wasn’t enough for me. It wasn’t right for me. I needed to make a difference. I needed to give back to the world. I needed to help bring about change.

So I gave it all up several years ago, and turned my focus to helping nonprofits. My mission is to help as many nonprofits as I can, to make a bigger impact in the lives of those they serve. Having served on (and led) numerous boards, worked with many Executive Directors, assisted in leadership transitions, and supported outreach and growth efforts, I understand the ins and outs of the nonprofit world.

I know all too well the ongoing challenge of doing more with less. My goal is to help empower as many nonprofit leaders as possible, to connect with others, become better leaders, and lead their organizations to achieve their mission. If you’re committed to becoming a true Leader for Change, I can help you reach that goal. 

Through my blog, free resources, online community, mentoring and mastermind groups, and enhanced development products, I endeavor to connect with nonprofit leaders, inspire them, and support their path to growth. If you’re serious about Leading for Impact you’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin your journey.


Tom Okarma




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