“Tom’s path and mine have paralleled or intersected in numerous arenas over the years – in business we shared, for nonprofits we’ve served, with legal affairs on which I’ve counseled – so I can provide a uniquely wide-ranging view on his distinctive abilities. You won’t find anyone with the collective, balanced, comprehensive and insightful perspective he will bring to you, your organization, and its impact. Whether evaluating people, improving processes, or maximizing results, Tom has a combined expertise that produces workable and valuable implementation. This is one consultant’s report you won’t let die on a shelf!”

Russel G. Robinson, Esq.

Robinson Payne LLC Hoffman Estates, IL

“Tom brought incredible value to the Providence Board, adding insight from numerous other boards and organizations and raising the bar in terms of appropriate levels of maturity and discipline to an organization that was trying to grow. Tom’s demeanor, patience and style were perfect for our board. Among other board members with whom I’ve worked, Tom stands out among the few who really “get” board governance and do it well. I hold him in a highly esteemed place and in the highest regard.” August 30, 2001

Marty Moseley

Board Member, Providence International

“Tom’s expertise in nonprofit management and strategic planning has helped our legal center develop and implement a business plan that has taken us from a sole founding staff member to five full-time employees, five part-time employees, and a host of key volunteer leaders. He has been a key advisor to our executive leadership, and has been instrumental in getting our three-year old nonprofit off the ground. I highly recommend him and his services.” September 23, 2012

Cliff Nellis

Lead Attorney, Lawndale Christian Legal Center

“I’ve worked with Tom on nonprofit leadership projects. He’s an excellent strategist and leader. He lives out of a strong internal character and is consistent and dependable in every aspect of life. I highly regard and recommend Tom as a leader, mentor, and strategist.” April 6, 2012

Charles Stone

Coach/consultant, StoneWellMinistries

“I have served with Tom on several Board of Directors, and have got to know him personally as well. Tom’s knowledge and experience are only overshadowed but his keen insight into what makes nonprofits tick. If you are looking for a well rounded, even keeled, and level headed expert to help take your business or nonprofit to the next level (or save it from extinction)… Tom Okarma is your man!” April 23, 2012

Brian Basilico

President, B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc.

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