Increase Your Impact

Tom Okarma and his team help nonprofit boards and Executive Directors perform at a higher level. He can help make board service easier, more rewarding, and more effective, through common sense governance, effective strategic planning and key board development techniques.

Tom works with leaders of nonprofit organizations to reach specific goals. His services are tailored around individual outcomes to offer financial flexibility while still working to achieve your highest priorities.

Focus on Key Results

  • Learn how to lessen pressure on staff and volunteers
  • Enable your organization to do more with less (money, time, resources)
  • Meet the increased need of those needing services
  • Focus on providing services that matter most to clients
  • Experience directors that are “full in,” engaged, motivated, difference makers
  • Recruit new/ideal board members easier and in less time
  • Routinely operate on a high level and be seen as a community leader

Benefits of Working With Tom

Strategic Direction

  • Planning, Goals, Mission, Vision and Values
  • Aligning Strategy, Resources, and Activities
  • Adapting to Niche Markets and Clients
  • Successfully Navigating Leadership and Ownership Transitions

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Promoting Excellence in Execution
  • Implementing Best Practices
  • Redesigning Processes & Managing Projects
  • Applying Metrics and Benchmarking
  • Managing Change

Leverage Human Resources

  • Leadership Development
  • One-to-One Coaching & Mentoring
  • Performance Management
  • Turnover & Hiring Practices
  • Employee Satisfaction

Tom Okarma has a proven system for taking your nonprofit to the next level of effective high-performance leadership.

He can help your organization make a bigger impact!

Areas of Focus

Building Incredible Boards

Board of Directors Will Be

Goal oriented and focused on key results
Clear in the mission, vision and values
Focused on strategic alignment
Clear in their roles and responsibilities
Clear in board structure and processes
Effective at Managing Change
Incredibly focused, yet driven by passion
Strategic thinkers focused on execution


Transforming Leadership

Leaders Will Become

Goal oriented and focused on key results
Clear in their mission, vision and values
Focused on strategic alignment
Successful at navigating leadership transitions
Skilled at managing change effectively
Outstanding at managing talent
Skilled at volunteer engagement
Incredibly focused, yet driven by passion
Strategic thinkers focused on strong execution

Effective Strategic Planning

Organizations Will Be

Adapt to better serve clients
Bridge the gap between vision and execution
Improve organizational effectiveness
Implement best practices
Apply Metrics and benchmarking
Effectively manage finances
Excel to new levels in execution
Navigate through mergers and acquisitions

Who is Tom Okarma?

Read about Tom’s background in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds.

Success Stories


Nonprofit leadership

People’s Resource Center

Working hand in hand with the PRC board, Tom Okarma helped to lead the organization through a period of unprecedented increase in client demand. Through his participation as chair of the development committee he assisted in an overall revenue increase of 35%.

By introducing board governance disciplines to the acting board Tom was able to increase board effectiveness. He also helped to ensure a smooth transition for the the organization as a whole during the on-boarding of a new executive director.

Nonprofit leadership


Tom Okarma was instrumental with GWAYO as he developed an agency assessment designed to provide specific recommendations on a variety of key elements.

These areas included: Board Governance – Size, Composition, Meeting Improvement, Responsibilities; Fund Development – Board Involvement, Donor Development, Strategy, Role of Executive Director; Operations – Reorganization and Redefinition of roles and responsibilities, Renewable Revenue Streams, Facilities, Organizational Structure; Financial Management and Strategic Planning.

Nonprofit leadership

Next Level Foundation

Tom worked with Next Level to develop an agency overview and provide strategic recommendations specific to the needs of the organization.

Recommendations included: Strategic Planning Process – Defining an envisioned future and buy-in; Building The Path to Get to the Organization’s 5 Year Goals; Board Development – Composition and Roles Skill Set Acquisition; Organizational Structure Need; Development of, and Better Leveraging of Local Resources; Effective Marketing & Communication; Preparation and Operational Reorganization for 2011 Season; Risk Management Assessment.

What is it like to work with Tom?

Discover what other nonprofit leaders have learned working with Tom.