Since 2014, we have seen the volunteer rate drop nearly 13%. Nearly 50% of nonprofit leaders report their organization has no strategic plan, yet nonprofit giving has increased over the last 4 years, and continues to grow.

Nonprofit Trends 2017 — What do these numbers mean for your organization?

How can your organization stay informed on the nonprofit trends that will help move your agency forward?

We are pleased to announce the release of our Nonprofit Trends 2017 Report. This year’s issue is loaded with fresh information on recent and emerging trends in nonprofit leadership. In addition to updated information on some of last year’s trends, we’ve found new trends you will want to factor into your 2018 planning.

Allow information gleaned from data reports to guide your organization’s decision-making. What other trends in nonprofit leadership and fundraising can help you make informed decisions about your agency’s future? 

As you review this report, you will discover several important findings you can use to “future-proof” your agency. What does this information tell us?

Nonprofit Trends 2017 highlights:

Effective strategic planning can make an enormous difference in the success of your upcoming year. Board training can elevate your leadership to a new level, making a bigger impact in your organization. At a time where other organization’s efforts may be lacking, you can use this knowledge to give your agency a leg up against others in the competitive market.

Among the eye-capturing trends we see either gaining strength or newly surfacing are:

  • The number of nonprofits continues to grow. How do you brand yourself to stay fresh and relevant in light of all the new agencies popping up? What nonprofit sector is leading the fastest growth?
  • There continues to be a lack of leadership training and development. A large number of agencies expect leadership transition in the next few months. Board members report a strong need for training and role clarification.
  • The use of mobile technology continues to grow significantly. More than 50% of the world’s web traffic comes from mobile phones. This has had major impacts on communicating with donors and overall awareness strategy.
  • Active social media users have increased by 21% since 2015. Social media’s influence continues to grow as millennials become big factors in nonprofit operations, support, and success.

The need for creative and effective leadership in the nonprofit sector has never been greater. The Nonprofit Trends 2017 reports today’s nonprofit leaders face challenges their predecessors never encountered. These new challenges will not be overcome with yesterday’s solutions. Staying in your comfort zone and disregarding inventive ideas to address these new trends could challenge your agency’s success.

The future success and sustainability of many nonprofits will turn on how well they face this new and increasingly challenging nonprofit environment.

Leaders must take on and overcome these challenges that are stifling, even snuffing out, other nonprofits. If they don’t, they run the risk of being left behind in the increasingly competitive space of nonprofit management. 

Unless nonprofits adapt to what is happening in their communities, they face significant threats of survival. Stay up to date with trends of nonprofit leadership to optimize your agency’s improvement process.

For a limited time you can download your own free copy of the Nonprofit Trends 2017 Report.

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