How Can Nonprofit Coaching Help You Lead Better?

Serving as a leader in a nonprofit agency addressing a cause you deeply believe in can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. What could be more fulfilling than improving the situations of those you feel a compelling urge to help?

Therefore, it is only natural that, as a leader, you aim to be as effective as possible in both helping your clients and running your agency. While workshops, conferences, and books are often filled with helpful information, sometimes they fail to address the specific areas you want to explore.

Whether this setback is a knowledge issue or a performance issue, there are several ways to address it. Since you may not be comfortable (or wise) going to your board chair, a director, or spouse about optimizing your leadership skills, what you really need is a reliable and objective external resource.

A personal coach’s sole purpose is to help you improve in whatever the area/s you want to grow. A coach is there for you – the leader – and their loyalty and focus is on helping you succeed.

While a consultant shares expertise to solve a problem, nonprofit coaching helps a mentee grow in a broader sense. A coach can help improve skills, correct inappropriate behavior, and provide productive methods of exploring new ways to grow.

Much like baseball players having hitting and pitching coaches to help identify the causes of poor performances, nonprofit coaching helps leaders develop or sharpen their skills to serve more effectively.


Benefits Of Nonprofit Coaching

1. A coach provides a safe, confidential ear for leaders to share deep thoughts and explore options without fear of backlash.

2. A coach provides objective feedback and insights.

3. A coach provides accountability, perspective, encouragement, and support.

4. A coach helps you spot any false beliefs you may be harboring that are inhibiting your performance.

5. A coach helps you realize all of your capabilities and develop yourself to your full potential.

6. A coach helps you break out of your typical patterns of thought and approach concerns in new ways.

7. A coach helps you self-assess your performance fairly and realistically.

8. A coach helps you develop creative solutions to challenges.

9. A coach helps you uncover a way forward during challenging times.

10. A coach works with you on your specific agenda to help you improve in those areas you have identified.


It may seem as if Nonprofit Coaching is only beneficial for you (the leader), but you will be amazed by the long lasting effects this process will bring for your entire organization.  Effective coaching will strengthen your relationship with you board, your donors and for those you serve.

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