For Nonprofit Management and Leadership

Every nonprofit leader faces challenges. I will help you pave a way forward over any obstacle your organization faces. Hire me as your personal coach and together we will identify solutions and implement strategies so you and your team can further your mission.

What’s Holding You Back?

Chemistry Issues

Sometimes, well-meaning directors or agency members butt heads. Opposing leadership styles can cause conflict and make productivity difficult.

No Accountability

Every strong leader needs a sounding board to offer feedback for ideas and accountability for insights they may have overlooked.

Lacking Clarity

The numerous options for next steps can overwhelm even the most experienced leaders.  You may need help deciding which path to take.

Making Tough Calls

Nonprofit leaders are faced with making difficult choices everyday. You may be struggling with the weight of decision-making.

Feelings Of Isolation

Leading can be lonely. If you are struggling to be open and honest with your colleagues, you may be unsure where to turn for guidance.

Inability To Say No

As nonprofit leaders, we may feel inclined to say yes to anyone needing help. But sometimes, taking on too much at one time can do more damage than good.

Faith-Based Ministry Leaders

Discover your primary leadership style and how you can use it to lead better.

What’s Your Leadership Style?

For All Nonprofit Leaders

Discover your leadership style and how you can use it to make a bigger impact.

How Tom Can Help

Areas of Focus


Learn the best way to communicate with your team. You will master the art of delegation, accountability and improving relationships between executive directors and board chairs.



Discover the best methods of identifying and selecting board members. You will learn how to enhance training and build an all-star team of passionate directors.


Gain helpful tips for managing and monitoring the various tasks your nonprofit teams perform everyday. Find out what you need to know to measure your agency’s success.


Agency issues can be complex. Work with me to refine your problem solving skills involving board development, fundraising or strategic planning.


Gain an objective perspective on your current processes and their effectiveness.  We can create easy solutions for improvement.


Hitting a creative roadblock? Learn a variety of  brainstorming methods designed to stimulate ideas and conversation.



Coaching sessions typically run for 6-month intervals


Video Conferencing: 2x per Month (once a week for the first 4-6 weeks)

Length of Sessions:

60 minutes


Available between sessions via text, email, or phone for short follow-up conversations

How Can Nonprofit Coaching Help?