Managing nonprofit resources can be one of the most difficult and yet rewarding experiences for a leader. There are numerous demands on your time, and some days the problems and challenges can seem endless. 

Today I want to help make your life easier, by providing three nonprofit resources you can download on my site — for free. I believe these three tools can help you deal with some of the toughest challenges you might be facing right now. What are they? 

The first nonprofit resource is the Board Expectation Statement. 

Tired of the blank stares you get at board meetings? Too many directors begin their board service without a clear understanding of their responsibilities, roles, and how they can help. From mandatory meeting attendance and financial support to serving as an ambassador; many new directors are surprised to learn about all that the role entails. 

The Board Expectation Statement lists the typical duties and expectations a board has for its directors. Reviewing this document with a new candidate (and annually with current directors), helps to avoid embarrassing conversations later on. This is also an opportunity for the board candidate to decide if they are truly ready to serve. 

This document is a great sample/reference piece. I highly recommend that each board create one of their own to fit their unique situation. 

The second nonprofit resource is the Board Policy Manual, or BPM. 

I know… it sounds a bit corporate… but I can tell you first hand, if you put the effort in to create this tool, it will save you a dozen headaches later. A BPM is a manual containing all of your agency’s critical documents and previous major board decisions. 

This collection of documents (strategic plan, budget, formal policies approved by the board, bylaws, etc.) keeps a board consistent over time, because all past contents are easy to find and reference for future decisions. 

Charging ahead without stopping to measure progress and results plays into the well known yet flawed idea of just working harder

This free nonprofit resource will walk you through the 6 critical components a Board Policy Manual should include, how to create them, and how each of them relate to other to help your agency. 

The last nonprofit  resource — and the most popular one on my site — is the Leadership Styles Quiz. 

What is your leadership style? You and I may think we know what kind of leader we are, but in reality, it is those we lead who should have the final vote. The Leadership Styles Quiz helps to determine how you are perceived by others so you can make any necessary adjustments to ensure effective leadership.  

To make a bigger impact in your organization you need to leverage your unique strengths! Take the Leadership Edge quiz to discover your primary leadership style, areas of strength, and key benefits for your leadership personality. Learn more about not only yourself but the effectiveness of your unique style and how to increase your impact.

I know you’re probably overwhelmed. I know there’s probably too much on your plate. But I also know you’ve come this far without giving up, which means you can move your agency in the direction you want it to go. 

My hope is that these three nonprofit resources can shed a little light on some challenging situations. Over the years I’ve created a number of other free resources, designed exclusively for nonprofit leaders. I invite you to browse and download any you think might be helpful. 

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