Leaders have very little time to set a new tone, to begin installing a new DNA into an organization. The popular take on this is 100 days…give or take. That’s why I really like the way Theo Epstein and his new crew of leaders have literally torn into the Cubs organization.

In fairly short order, he set the tone for the future and raised the bar of expectations. Then he put teeth behind his new vision by moving out many Cub players who just weren’t cutting and showed no evidence that they ever would. About half of the 40 man roster has been turned over and by my count 6 of the 9 players in last year’s starting lineup could be different players  from last year. This is great news for us fans but it also shows how new leaders must move quickly with their plan if they intend to start a new tradition.

He is also investing in new practice facilities, new scouts, and training (covering both on-field and off-field expectations). I love this.  The lesson here is a new leader has to start quickly to change culture or the old one will soon return along with all its baggage.

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