Is your organization dependent on certain specialist skills to succeed? Are you vulnerable if certain key performers left your organization?

We were highly dependent on several pools of specialty skills and knowledge in our organization. Losing those key performers could seriously harm us. While no one can completely control employee turnover, we had to be sure we did everything we could to retain and develop our key performers and others in the pipeline who had demonstrated a talent or skill set we did not want to lose.

We developed a department inventory system to identify our “keepers” in those departments and then conducted surveys with each keeper. We wanted to be sure that we did all we could to provide our “keepers” with the challenges, development opportunities, and experiences they wanted and valued. We felt that if we could meet employee expectations and desires, we stood a better chance of retaining them as they grew in their skills. We called these employee groups BOBS, WOBS, and CATL; Best of the Bunch, Worst of the Bunch, and Can’t Afford To Lose.

Feed your BOBS, performance manage up…or eliminate…the WOBS, and love your CATL… Call me and let’s talk about it.