For new board members, lead directors, and board presidents, I recently came across an excellent book.  I’d consider it a “must read” and it applies to any board: for profit, nonprofit, secular, faith-based, public, private…whatever.

I remember my early days on my first nonprofit board-The Peoples Resource Center. I was excited and highly motivated to add value but I really did not know how. Everything was all so new, even though I had been volunteering there for over two years. Movin’ on up as a volunteer in the food pantry (on the ground floor) to the board room was a bigger leap than simply going upstairs to our second floor.

I wish I had read this book back then. It would have helped me become a more valuable director, sooner. And, what nonprofit board president wouldn’t like a shorter “entry ramp” for new directors to start contributing and adding value.

For newer directors and board presidents, how would you like to review  authoritative background information on topics like:

  • your role and your personal involvement in mission, vision, and values
  • your legal and fiduciary responsibilities
  • the ideal working relationship between the board president and the agency executive director
  • how to source, engage, and evaluate potential board members in nonthreatening ways
  • how to have fully engaged, yet collaborative and cooperative board and committee meetings
  • what types of committees the board should have and how to keep them effective and healthy

This book, The Nonprofit Board Answer Book, A Practical Guide for Board Members and Chief Executives addresses many other topics as well. It is an easy read but don’t let that fool you. You will find yourself highlighting and underlining a lot of helpful tips and recommendations. I consider it one of the best books out there on informing new directors, lead directors, and agency leaders about the nuances of having  a healthy and effective board.

So, good reading and if you have any questions call me, let’s talk…