Remember early in your career, just before it really took off, and before you had made a name for yourself?  You probably were in some lower-level position just doing what you were told as best you could, and trying hard to be a good team player.

Then, one day your supervisor/manager gave you a new, meaty assignment, or perhaps pulled you into some important meetings involving all the key members of the management team. Remember how that felt? Remember how that motivated you…maybe even served as a springboard to greater successes in your professional career? Sweet!!

Now, switch gears  and think about your staff. Anyone there remind you of you when you were new to the game? If so, you may be squandering talent that is just dying for a chance to show you what he/she can do. Not from a prideful perspective, just someone who wants to contribute to the organization’s success in a more meaningful way.

Why not take a flyer give someone a chance to show just what he/she can do? What have you got to lose?

I was reminded of this recently when I spoke with someone who once worked for me. A key manager who just wanted a chance to take on a new project we had never done before. He told me how he grew professionally through the process and how it helped him in his career to ultimatley become a CEO elsewhere. What a great story.

Don’t be afraid to “unleash the hounds” and see what they can do. You never know, you just might work for, or partner with, one of them later in your career.

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