Most nonprofit leaders share many traits: passion for the mission, effective communication skills to “tell the story”, a cadre of devoted volunteers and leadership team, and an awareness of the need to always be looking for new ways to raise revenue. Well, there is one more that most every NFP leader endures and yet, does virtually nothing about. I am talking about addressing the loneliness of being at the top.

Nonprofit leadership has to be one of the most “siloed” positions you can hold. Where does a leader go to vent, to brainstorm, to kick around new ideas without fear of blow-back? The leadership team, the board, and donors are out of the question, so are other nonprofit leaders, for the most part.

Yet, everyone needs a place-a safe place-where he/she can let their hair down and be real. When I led a for-profit company, I had no place and as I think back, I know I would have done several things differently had there been a group of safe people I trusted.

Where do you go? Do you belong to a Masterminds group or a small group with whom you do life together? ┬áThere are options out there. What is yours? Drop me a line and let’s explore a few of them.