Here are a few ideas to help ministry and nonprofit leaders work more closely (and pleasurably) with their boards. Who knows, maybe everyone will actually start enjoying board meetings!

  • Reconnect regularly with each director, one-to-one if possible, to tap into their wisdom, learn their perspective, and gain valuable confidential input
  • Invest to improve on your strengths through seminars, workshops, or conferences…like CLA 2014¬†
  • Identify existing nonprofit board best practices and install the top two that you feel add the most value to your organization
  • When meeting with key external stakeholders, ask how they think the organization is performing
  • Be more available to your staff, volunteers, and key community partners
  • Become a director on another nonprofit or ministry board and gain valuable perspective of just what that is like
  • Review your calendar monthly and the organization’s budget to determine if you are allocating time and treasure in line with the year’s goals
  • Conduct periodic board update (they hate “training”) sessions

For a few other easy and effective ideas on how to improve board relations and effectiveness in 2014, read:

What other ideas can you share on how leaders and board members can make 2014 a success