In a previous work life I had the privilege of getting to know and learn from a world class consultant-Dr. Ram Charan. His specialty is leadership and strategy and he consults with many of the most recognized companies in the United States. He has written many books on both topics. His latest discusses a leader’s responsibility to develop talent. It is titled The Talent Masters.

In it, Dr. Charan lists several common talent-management mistakes leaders and organizations make. Among them are:

  • Performance reviews without candor or focus on developmental needs
  • Failure to get to know best performers well and put them in stretch jobs
  • Leaders not being help accountable for developing talent
  • Top management’s lack of time commitment and energy to developing subordinates

Whether leading a Fortune 500 business or a modestly sized nonprofit, your leadership will only be as effective as the people around you. It is in your organization’s and mission’s best interest to develop your staff to maximize your impact in the community your serve.

I highly recommend you pick up this great read. And give me a call. Let’s talk about this.