I recently attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast one day Conference and hear Andy Stanley speak on making choices and decision making. He set up the scenario in which an important decision must be made, one that you, the leader must make…not your team. HE gave us three questions he asks himself in those situation and I think they are worth sharing wit you-the nonprofit leader. After all, Andy does lead a huge nonprofit in his own right.
  1. What would my replacement do?  He asks this question to separate himself from the issue’s “baggage”, any special interests, and all the lobbying he gets, to be sure he is maintaining objectivity in his decision making process.
  2. What would great leaders do in this situation? (this question promotes “stretch thinking”) Yet, he  gives himself permission to NOT act that way.
  3. What story do I want to tell? So when Andy makes a decision, he thinks four thoughts:
    • Every decision we make is a story we are telling.
    • What legacy does he want to leave based on his decision?
    • He will never make a decision that will make him a liar for life.
    • Money comes and money goes. Your story goes with you forever.

Three great questions when tough decisions must be made. What do you think? How do you process those tough calls?