OK, so your donations may not be coming in at levels  you thought this year but at least you are still pretty much on budget. You still need to be aware of a clear and present danger that has recently reared its head. I’m talking about the nation’s desire to address our budget deficit and its impact on nonprofits that derive some of its revenues from the government.

Politicians are looking for ways to demonstrate their interest in cutting government spending and the nonprofit world is not immune. What’s your plan to replace lost government revenue in the coming fiscal year? It’s probably wise to start thinking about this now.

Another thought. If the government is cutting you off, how do you justify your organization to donors who may question whether they should continue supporting you if Uncle Sam has stopped? Do you run the risk of people feeling your cause is no longer critical or has become less important in light of all the other causes? Some pre prepared talking points may be a good idea to you can handle that question with ease and directly.

One last thought. Do you have someone on staff that gets up every day thinking…”How can we raise donations so we can properly fund our plans for this year?” Expenses always seem to come in but revenue/donations are another matter. Fund raising and donations need  a deliberate plan and they need someone who is accountable to head up that effort. Shared responsibility in fund raising works well, but unless some point person is charged with and accountable for this effort, the plan out may never get off the ground.

So, aside from you, who is that one person ultimately responsible for fund development at your agency?