It is with great excitement that I announce the arrival of my second book! This book focuses solely on nonprofit leadership, with the ins and outs of how to successfully achieve and maintain a leadership position. I really wanted this book to be different!

With the abundance of leadership books available today, why write another one? I believe my book differs from the rest because it’s not an academic piece, nor is it a “check-the-boxes,” how-to book. I wanted to write something that was part reference book, but also part conversational. Thus making it very informative with a pace and style that readers might enjoy reading. 

My first book, Break Through the ICK Factors of Nonprofit Leadership, told the story of a leader and how she took her board and agency to the next level, all while serving an exploding number of new clients. 

This book is written as if we were sitting together over a cup of coffee discussing the “what” and the “how” of leading a nonprofit for greater impact and success. I don’t set up simple issues and then provide pat answers. Instead, I share how I have personally wrestled with leadership and board problems, as well as how I have observed others successfully do the same. 

Similar to a conversation, I’ll frequently ask you questions to consider as you read. This will push you to step back and take a good look at both yourself and your board — working from the inside out. 

My goal is that you will finish From the Inside Out feeling motivated, qualified, and inspired! 

The title reads, From the Inside Out: Leading Where It Matters Most.

I will discuss important leadership concepts through a framework that begins with leading yourself. Too many leadership books start with an external focus on your team, your clients, and your supporters. These factors are all very important, but if you cannot lead yourself efficiently, your success as a team will be limited. You must approach leadership from the top-down. Start with yourself, and the rest will follow smoothly. 

I’ll also discuss leading your board. It is true that the Board Chair leads the board, but there are things you can and should do to ensure your board is fully equipped and prepared to serve. 

I’ll cover these crucial topics in a helpful and systematic way, making it easy to apply the necessary changes to your agency. This is not a tome full of lofty, “that would be nice” kind of ideas. Instead, it’s full of very practical and proven strategies, with some unique stories along the way!

If you are passionate about upping your game, helping more clients, and delivering a greater impact, this book is for you! 

From the Inside Out: Leading Where It Matters Most will be available in a matter of weeks! I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Looking to get a head start on leadership? Grab the 1st chapter and try it out!