“It all starts at the top.” That’s what my wife told me the other day as she inspected the wrapping job I had just finished on a Christmas gift. Apparently, my wrapping job fell short of her expectations.

Some of you know my wife and are aware that she is quite artistic and believes the presentation is just as important as the item itself. Whether baked goods, a store-bought item, or whatever, my wife is big on attractive packaging, eye appeal, and in evidencing her care for someone by how it is wrapped and presented. Me…not so much. Wrapping and packaging just get in the way of “the good stuff”.

She is right, of course, in more ways than one. An organization can only be a good as its leader(s). Building and leading great teams and great organizations start at the top. It’s the leadership that sets a clear vision and holds people accountable for getting results and acting within the organization’s values. If there are problems, it usually is because leadership has dropped the ball.┬áIf your organization is having problems, I suggest you remember “it all starts at the top.

And that gift I wrapped…well, let’s just say it looks much better the second time around. Take my wife’s advise…that usually works for me.